Automations that help you achieve a sustainable balance between your professional and personal life.

It’s Friday, it’s 4:30 pm! Your work day will soon end, and you can already smell the weekend! However, instead of getting ready to go home, have a drink with friends, or just relax, you’re thinking about how to squeeze in even more tasks. Do you feel familiar?!

We spend a lot of our working time doing this. We try to fit too many tasks into our schedules. And this pressure, which we place on ourselves, can infiltrate our personal lives, affecting our relationships and our mental health.

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The good news is that automation can help us change our relationship with work, and help us achieve a sustainable balance between our professional and personal lives.

For this reason, we believe that reconciling work and personal life is an undeniable reason to invest in automation. So, we’ve selected some of our favorite automations to help you achieve this goal.

Attention: These routines will not completely change the direction of your business. On the contrary, vision changes your daily work experience – even if you implement just one of them.

1) Reduces the time spent posting on social media

Do you still post manually every day on your company’s social media accounts? Whether you post once, twice or ten times a week, it’s a fact that managing social media can be time-consuming. Plus, it’s the kind of task we remember, in a panic, at 10pm while we’re on the couch!!

The solution? Use one of the many services designed to take social media management out of your hands and automate your posts:

  • Choose a social media scheduling platform like Hootsuite or Buffer to schedule your posts in advance;
  • Use MeetEdgar to automatically reuse your existing content on social media;
  • or Connect your social networks to your blog or newsletter,
  • to automatically share your latest updates. You can create workflows that combine, for example, Twitter, WordPress or Mailchimp.

2) Add personal appointments to your work calendar discreetly

If you like to separate your work from your personal life (who doesn’t?!), you probably keep a calendar for work events and another for personal events.

The problem with this strategy is that because you’re not seeing events in the same place, you might accidentally schedule work and personal events at the same time. Automation can help you avoid this problem! For example:

  • Create a routine to connect your personal Google Calendar to your work Google Calendar;
  • Configure your workflow to run whenever you add a new event to your personal calendar with a keyword like “appointment” or “doctor”;
  • Copy this event to your work Google Calendar with a touch of anonymity (rename the event to “Appointment”, for example); and
  • Add time to this event (15-30 minutes) so you have time to switch to work mode after your personal appointment.

3) Automatically responds to frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Email shapes the daily experience of any worker who uses the computer as their work tool. However, if you find yourself responding to the same types of emails repeatedly, you’re not only wasting your time, you’re also missing out on the opportunity to automate. How to automatically respond to repetitive emails in your inbox:

  • Create a workflow that runs whenever you receive a new email;
  • Check the new email, and look for terms or phrases that are recurring in the requests for clarification you receive (for example, “availability”, “how much it costs”, “cost”, “budget”, “location”, etc.); and
  • For each keyword, write an appropriate automated response and automatically send it as an action in your workflow.

Furthermore, did you know that it is possible to create a ChatBot to answer customer questions, directly on your website, and without the need for your interaction!!! Now, do you have questions about our business or our articles? Try our example here 😃:

4) Archive non-critical emails before reading them

Speaking of decluttering your inbox, the last thing anyone wants to do is spend the day manually swiping, deleting, or moving the same emails day after day. Emails informing you that your order has been processed, that your PayPal transfer is on its way, that Amazon has a new sale, etc. It’s easy to remove these emails from your inbox, without having to manually read, delete or move them.

  • If you use Gmail, click the three vertical dots in the corner of your Gmail email and select “Filter messages like this.” Then choose what you want Gmail to do when you receive similar emails in the future.
  • If you use Outlook, right-click on an email you want to filter, hover over “Rules” and click “Create Rule”. Then set your criteria for finding similar emails and choose what you want to do with those emails.
  • If you use iCloud email, go to, choose the email app icon, click the settings gear in the corner of the screen. Select “Rules…” and “Add Rule…” to add rules to your emails as you see fit.

5) Let “someone else” review your text for you

Another time-consuming task is proofreading your work. Even if you are not a writer or editor, and even if writing is your profession, an automatic proofreader can help you detect most errors in your texts (blog articles, replies to important emails, among others…). For example:

  • Use Microsoft Editor to revise your text as you write. You can install it on your computer or add it to your internet browser as an extension. This way, it can automatically review everything you write all the time.

This is the opportunity to take control of your work-life balance. Separating work from your personal life doesn’t have to be a constant struggle. By using the automations we’ve listed above – and letting them inspire you to create your own – you can begin the process of improving your work-life balance. If you need help, you know… contact us!

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