Marketing for everyone!

(E) de Estratégia

Creating a strategy is the first step.

(P) de Produção

The strategy won’t work without content!

(A) de Alcance

Assign objectives, and identify actions to reach the customer.

(A) de Análise

Data analysis helps to optimize the strategy.

(e) de Estratégia

Creating a strategy is the first step. The objective is to build a relationship of trust. The Focus, the creation and distribution of relevant, coherent and valuable content. Planning, guided by customer attraction, retention and loyalty. The Goal, to be valued… selling better, is not selling more!


The Website must be the digital representation, and act as the first level of contact with your customers. Social Networks, effective in regular communication with customers. The content must attract visitors to the website, stimulate, guide and convert customers.


Assign objectives, and identify the actions that must be carried out to reach the customer. Advertising (define budgets), Email (define sales funnels), Social Networks (Digital Influencers), among others. It is important: Segment, to reach the right person; Automate, to direct people to purchase; and Test, to optimize.


Data helps optimize the strategy. Design a panel for analyzing relevant and periodic data, to understand: Behavior; The Trends; The Conversion; and any optimizations to be implemented.

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